Brand guide

Welcome to IT Relation's brand guide. The guide is designed to inform you about the elements that express our company's unique brand. Here you can download files for use in your work. We hope you enjoy using them.


Our logo is one of the most crucial elements in our visual identity. This guide shows how you should use the logo in various situations so that it always underlines and supports our message.

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The colours of our palette have been carefully chosen to create the look of a professional company, whilst also signalling that we are an empathetic partner. Here you can see colour codes and the rules that apply to them.

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Typography is an important part of our brand's expressive potential. This is true of the choice of fonts as well as the way we use them. The following link provides instructions on how to use typography across platforms.

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The design element

Our design element is based on the letter “I” within the logo. It is a recognisable feature across media in general, and a clear signifier of our identity – in much the same way as highlighted words or graphics, or the banner images at the top of our website. 

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The central aim of our visual style is the idea of relationships and our promise to be “Closer to Customers”. We have four different types of images, which you can explore here.

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It is important for us to be able to convey complex solutions in a way that is easy to understand. Suitably arranged infographics allow us to do that. We use contrasting colours and simple lines.

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Buttons and links

The ‘call to action’ is all-important in the creation of digital designs. Hence, buttons and links are another important tool in our digital toolbox. Here you can see examples of both types of user interface action.

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Design examples

To achieve recognition for our brand, we have to use our visual tools in the right way – each and every time new material is developed. Before you set to work, please look at these examples.

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Download files

We've put together a series of graphics and templates for use in your daily work. Explore the media library and find files for both online and offline applications.

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