The central aim of our imagery is the idea of the relationship and our promise to be “Closer to Customers”. We have four different types of images, which you can explore here.

Image style

Our photo concept is composed of several types of images – hero headers, close-up relationships, everyday relationships and abstract images. Besides these, we have portraits.

Overall, these images portray a strong, recognisable look, which marks us out from other providers. The images convey the idea of entrepreneurship and embrace both medium-sized and large enterprises.

Hero headers showing relationships

The first category of images are hero banners showing relationships. This category sets us uniquely apart and firmly underscores the fact that we believe in relationships as a fundamental aspect of great IT solutions.

Hero headers are black and white portraits illuminating the relationship between people – both between the customer and the employee, and between employees. We are serious about the relationship with the customer: it is essential for our position as trusted advisers, as well as for the willingness of customers to appear with us in our marketing.

Contrasts in the photograph are muted in order to achieve a less austere and more approachable effect

Close-up relationships

The second category of images is meant to illustrate the fact that relationships are the basis on which our business is founded. We therefore zoom in. We show close-ups of the image, whether it is a focus on dialogue, a meeting over coffee or a work situation.

The tone of the image is warm; this contrasts with the black and white images of hero headers. In fact, both types of image complement each other – they send the same message.

Everyday relationships

The third category of images is the everyday relationship. We show authentic situations; here too, the focus is on the relationship. The picture often features several people. We focus on cooperation and the natural dialogue through real-life, rather than enacted situations.

A photograph can feature computers but they should not be dominant or appear on all images. Altogether, we should emphasise the fact that we are more than just technicians. We are trusted advisers, and this does not necessarily involve computers in every situation.

The tone of the image is warm; this contrasts with the black and white images of hero headers.

Abstract images

The fourth category of images are abstract in nature. The idea is to portray our services visually through mood. The device is by way of a supporting element. For example, we use abstract images as a background to one of the categories listed above.

We have put together a library of images that relate to IT outsourcing, IT security, cloud transformation, digital transformation and sustainable IT. Other images may be added to the library over time.


Our portraits are shot in the same environment as the hero headers. They are black and white photographs on a black background. Here too, the contrast has been muted so that the effect is less sharp.

Employees are approachable, whilst sincere in their outlook. Photographs should inspire the wish to get in touch with IT Relation. Friendliness and trustworthiness are two important words to keep in mind.

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