It is important for us to convey complex solutions in a way that is easy to understand. Infographics allow us to do that. We use contrasting colours and simple lines for diagrams, tables and icons.

Diagrams and models

We use diagrams and models to show an easily comprehensible overview. These may feature solutions, volumes of data or something completely different. The idiom is tight and geometric. Colours are used to create contrast in graphics, which should be easy to decode.

Our diagrams and models should have minimal text. To show complex infographics would defeat the purpose of presenting a concept in a simple way.

We use the Mont Semibold font because it is easily read, even in smaller sizes. If one needs a secondary text, we use the Mont Book font.

What we are aiming for is a contrast, in which primary colours are the main players. Our first recourse is to use red, dark red and black. If more colours are needed for the model, we combine these with the respective nuances. First a primary grey, then the secondary colours.

We are aiming for a balanced distribution of strong colours, and nuanced colours for such things as diagrams and boxes. This way a balance can be achieved.

Here are some examples of do's and don'ts.


Our tables are simple in their configuration. The content must be allowed to stand out.

We use the Mont Semibold font for column and row headings. For the content of the table itself, we use Merriweather Light, as for general body text.

In Merriweather font, figures do not generally share the same height and baseline. When reading running text, the effect is harmonious. But when deciphering a table with figures, the effect can be disturbing. And we want to avoid that.

Please therefore set the text to “All Caps” so that the figures share the same height and baseline.


We have a large selection of icons that can be used across media, from the website to sales presentations. Icons are used in smaller sizes and should always be used in conjunction with text.

We use icons as a secondary feature. Their purpose is to support texts, where this adds value and makes sense. They are not intended to be a dominating feature of our visual identity.

Download infographics

Visit our media library where you will find diagrams, models and information about icons. Here you will find variants and different formats for online and offline use.

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