Our logo is one of the most crucial elements in our visual identity. This guide shows how you should use the logo in various situations, so as to achieve the optimal effect.

Logo variants

Our logo is available in two different variants – with, and without the “Closer to Customers” tagline.

The logo with tagline is the primary choice. It draws the viewer's attention to our brand promise.

The logo without tagline is our secondary logo.

When using the logo in small print, the legibility of the tagline can be affected. This means that in those circumstances, the secondary logo without “Closer to Customers” must be used.

Logo sizes

For reasons of legibility, there will be limits to how small the logo can be. There are individual rules for the logo with, or without the tagline, as well as for its appearance on digital platforms and in print.

Logo with tagline

Minimum height – digital: 40 px
Minimum height – print: 8.6 mm

Logo without tagline

Minimum height – digital: 20 px
Minimum height – print: 5.0 mm

Logo colours

Our logo is available in two colours – red and white. The red is the primary variant; it should be used as often as possible. The white variant is used in cases where the red does not show up clearly against the background.

Space around logos

The logo is often used in conjunction with other graphic elements. To ensure that it always stands out nicely from the other elements, there are rules for the space around the logo – this is also called the “clear space”.

The logo clear space takes its cue from the size of the letters “IT” in the logo. When the size of the logo changes, so does the logo clear space.

No other elements must be placed within the logo clear space.

Logos on backgrounds

The logo can be placed on various backgrounds: against colours in our colour palette, against white and on images. It is important that there is a clear contrast between the logo and the background/image so that the logo stands out clearly. 

On photographs, we generally use the logo without tagline – unless the lettering is large for the tagline to be clear and readable too.

Do not:

  • use the logo on top of images with ‘busy’ backgrounds
  • apply a drop shadow on the logo
  • put a frame round the logo

Here are some examples of do's and don'ts.

Download the logo

We have gathered all logos in a media library. Here you will find colour variants and various formats for online and offline use.

Find logos for download

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