The design element

Our design element is based on the letter “I” in our logo. It is a recognisable feature across media in general, and a clear signifier of our identity – in much the same way as highlighted words or graphics, or the banner images at the top of our website.

The design element

The format of the design element is identical to the format of our logo. It is composed of several “I's” which have been rotated to form a dynamic pattern.

The pattern functions well, both in full colour and in versions that have the visible outline around the “I”, allowing for a wealth of possibilities. The two variations are of equal value and can be used in all media.

Colour combinations

The design element should primarily use red and white. This applies both to full-colour and to the variant with an outline. By contrasting the design element with its background colour, we achieve a contrast that suggests contemporary style and a fully corporate image.

You may use the primary colours of red, dark red and black as background colours. A white background is also permitted. This achieves a clean, airy feel. See below for permitted colour combinations.

Colour combinations – outlined shapes

Here are some examples of the ways in which outlined shapes may be used on colour backgrounds.


We always trim the graphic quite severely, and never show the entire pattern: however, the trim should not leave very small partial elements at the edges. Either we show the entire width of the “I”, or we do not show it. The same is true of the height: do not leave a tiny point of an “I” showing.

Here are some examples of do's and don'ts.

If you are in doubt as to how to trim, please look at the design examples.

The design element in images

We also use the “I” shape to create a quite unique, indented frame on photographs and images. As a distinguishing feature, the little notch stands out clearly, especially on coloured backgrounds. As a general rule, this frame is used on all images that do not take up the entire page.

The specific rule for the image is that the “I” should be half its normal height. The width of the “I” should be 1/12 of the width of the image or photograph.  Thus, the size of the notch will vary from image to image, but if we follow this rule, it will look the same across the different media.

NB In small formats, the 1/12 of the size of the image would be too large. We encourage adjustments depending on the design, so that the overall result is harmonious.

Download the design element

Visit our media library to download our design element. Here you will find variants and different formats for online and offline use.

Download the design element

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